One of our missions is to provide our teacher applicants with the best experience as J1 visa participants. The J-1 Teacher Program is a nonimmigrant cultural exchange that allows foreign teachers to teach in elementary and secondary schools in the United States.

The J-1 Teacher exchange program is under the U.S. government. It supports foreign-born teachers to work in primary and secondary schools. The program encourages diversity, inclusion, and cultural understanding. This means this program is one of the ways to improve our education system. The program also aims to attract qualified foreign educators and allow them to experience United States offering wide-ranged opportunities and cultural diversity


To qualify for this program, a teacher applicant must admit the initial screening from any host schools (public schools or charter schools). A teacher applicant should undergo initial screening requirements such as a panel interview and must obtain an offer of contract or letter of intent to hire.

Involvement & process

When a school is interested in hiring an exchange teacher, it usually follows this process for us:

  • Offering the selected exchange teacher a job offer letter or intent to hire letter outlining the salary and benefits package. 
  • Working with Blend Training Consultancy and the visa sponsor to verify school accreditation and documentation needed for visa processing. 
  • Supplying teachers with required certification documents.
  • We will help gather important information about the schools in your target location, including housing and transportation options.
  • Before beginning work, new teachers are given a thorough orientation to help them understand school policies and expectations.
  • Providing avenues for cultural exchange in the school and/or community.