Welcome to the J1 Visa Interview Training Workshop!

Are you excited to apply for the J1 Visa but nervous about the interview? We’re here to help you ace it!

Trainers and Speakers

Our team of 3 experts has decades of experience in successfully preparing candidates for J1 Visa interviews. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Present yourself confidently and professionally.
  • Highlight your skills and experiences effectively.
  • Answer common and tricky interview questions with ease
  • Address any concerns or challenges that may arise during the interview

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to win the interview and secure your J1 Visa.

Our workshop includes:
  • 5 interactive sessions led by our experts
  • Practice interviews with feedback and guidance
  • Tips and strategies for successful J1 Visa interviews
  • Q&A sessions to address your specific questions and concerns

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Let us help you teach in the US

Applying to the USA and becoming a teacher is not that complicated as long as you understand the process. Our team will be more than happy to assist in any way we can to start your American journey.

The program’s purpose is to connect teachers in the Philippines with host schools in the US and provide support in the processing of related documents.

Teachers in the Philippines who are interested in working in host schools in the US can participate in the program.

The program provides support in the processing of relevant documents and requirements for working in a host school in the US.

Benefits may include the opportunity to work in a US school, gain international teaching experience, and potentially improve one’s career prospects.

In order to be a candidate for this position, you should have the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Secondary education (Master’s /Doctorate diploma is a plus)
  • Currently/previously teaching in your home country or country of legal residence. Applicants who work abroad are also welcome.
  • Currently working as a teacher in your home country or legal residence
  • Have at least three years of teaching experience in the K-12 setting
  • Have a valid passport
  • Be of good reputation and character

Our team is more than happy to serve you!

Submit the following initial documents online:

  • Resume
  • Application/Cover / Introduction Letter
  • Copy Transcripts of Record (soft copy)
  • 3 Letters of Reference/ Recommendations (to follow when hired)
  • Verifications of employment/Service Records

Create your free account here

In this step, our team will collect/gather all the initial documents needed for the application process.

During this phase, teacher applicants satisfy the teaching eligibility standards of the U.S. state they intend to teach, which include education requirements, satisfactorily completing other legal requirements such as teaching license application, and an evaluation of foreign credentials through the assistance of our team.

Our expert service team will ensure that you are assigned to an appropriate visa sponsor. We will assist you in obtaining a J-1 Visa and place you in a suitable position.

Hired applicants will receive basic training before they travel to the United States. Assistance needed in flight booking, airport pickup, housing arrangements, and other related help will be provided by our team.

We will continue its support throughout the first academic year of teaching by providing informative webinars and consulting services.

Remember that the fee may vary (from state to state). During the screening process, there will be NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION on the part of the teacher applicant. Corresponding fees will be discussed when you receive a job offer.
The following are the standard fees:
J-1 Visa Application and Sponsorship Fee(varies by Visa Sponsor)
USD 2,500
Mandatory health insurance
(cost varies by Visa Sponsor)
USD 90
SEVIS I-901 Fee
US Immigration Office
USD 220
DS-160 Fee
US Embassy at home country
USD 16
Teaching Certification Application Fee
DepEd – varies by state
USD 200
Background Check/Fingerprinting
Varies by state
USD 50
Foreign Credential Evaluation
Foreign Credential Evaluation(SpanTran – varies by verification type)USD 165 – USD 285
Visa Fees
J-1 Visa Application and Sponsorship Fee(varies by Visa Sponsor)USD 1,600 – USD 2,500
Mandatory health insurance(cost varies by Visa Sponsor)USD 70 – USD 90
SEVIS I-901 FeeUS Immigration OfficeUSD 220
DS-160 FeeUS Embassy at home countryUSD 160
Teaching Certification Fees
Teaching Certification Application FeeDepEd – varies by stateUSD 100 – USD 200
Background Check/FingerprintingVaries by stateUSD 40 – USD100
Coming to the US Expenses
Coming to the US ExpensesAirline- varies by date, destination, and airlineUSD 800 – USD 1,800
Housing deposit and 1st-month paymentVaries by stateUSD 500- USD 1,500
Transportation allowanceapproximate value depending on arrangementsUSD 200
Living allowancevaries by state and personal choicesUSD 1,000
Note: The coming to the US expenses are approximations for informational purposes only. 
Blend Package
Commitment Feepaid once accepted into the program.USD 150
Mentoring and Services FeePaid in 10 equal monthly payments of $385 per
a month once the teacher is in the US and starts working
USD 3,850
Note: The coming to the US expenses are approximations for informational purposes only. 
Once your visa gets approved, we will assist you in finding financial aid from a third-party institution to cover your needs.