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Our Mission

Our partnerships with Blend Training Center resulted from the same mission. Our mission is to help educators create opportunities and expand their horizons in their chosen fields. We believe that going hand in hand will achieve these goals. Our goal as partners is to identify and empower educators with professional experience and expertise in education.

Our team has embarked on an expedition to promote cultural interaction and mutual understanding between the U.S. and foreign teachers. Participating in the J-1 Teacher Exchange program is a unique opportunity to sharpen and enhance teachers’ professional skills and methodologies and provides opportunities.

We strive to provide an exciting learning experience for our J-1 applicants by offering high-quality technical training and courses that focus on improving job-related competencies, interpersonal skills, and general knowledge that will enable them to become better professionals. We have experienced consultants who have wide experience handling various workshops.

Our Credibility

Blend Training Center PH is a licensed training center regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Blend Training Center PH has been granted a license from the Philippines’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In its filing, Blend stated that it would offer online financial literacy and education courses.

Blend Training Center PH is an online training center based in Bacolod City, Philippines. It is owned by Blend Training Center PH Corp. The company was founded in 2020.

Our Team

Clyteroll Cabual

Founder | CEO
IT Expert | Web Developer
Blend Consultancy LLC

Ghamay Pepito

Computer Engineer
Solutions Architect
Blend Consultancy LLC

Agnes Cabual

COO | Co-Founder
Blend Consultancy LLC

Jovelyn Mendoza

Certified Public Accountant CPA | MBA | CFMP
Blend Consultancy LLC

Susan Sudoy

VP Human Resource
Blend Consultancy LLC

Ritchie Labajo

VP of Operations
Doctor of Education
Blend Consultancy LLC

Roger Toleco

Admin Manager
Blend Consultancy LLC

Angelou Maunes

Talent Acquisition Manager
HR Manager USA
Blend Consultancy LLC

Rhoanne Jamelo

Talent Acquisition Manager
HR Manager
Blend Consultancy LLC

Ivy Grace Ganzan

Talent Acquisition Manager
HR Manager PH
Blend Consultancy LLC

Genelyn Evora

Finance Manager
CPA | Loan Manager
Blend Consultancy LLC